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Getting Social: That’s Just D2R Being D2R

It can be mind boggling when you think about all of the things A Date 2 Remember, the CYP CLUB’s annual social fundraiser, jam packs into one evening. You can work the red carpet at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, goof around while posing in the photo booth, sample free food from Columbus’ best restaurants, watch a […]

A Date 2 Remember 2014 ticket discount today and tomorrow

Tickets for A Date 2 Remember – the premier social fundraising experience of the year for young professionals, the Columbus community, and local businesses – are now available! Purchase general admission tickets TODAY or TOMORROW and save $5 per ticket (normally $35).* A Date 2 Remember will be hosted on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at […]

Crew Cypher, On-Stage Participant

He has the letters C-Y-P in his last name – but that isn’t why we chose Crew Cypher to profile an experience package onstage at #D2R14. There are more unique fun facts about Crew than just his name. He was a semifinalist for the TV show Big Brother, and even though he has never played […]

Gain The Upper Paddle at A Date 2 Remember

So you’ve heard all about A Date 2 Remember. You visited our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, checked out the bachelors and bachelorettes, and maybe attended a Reveal Party or two. And now you find yourself thinking, “I may actually want to go and bid on some of this stuff.” Like most everything in life, […]

My D2R, Look How You Keep Growing!

If you’ve been to A Date 2 Remember, you know that it’s a one of a kind event in Columbus. My D2R experience the last two years includes dressing up in the middle of frigid Central Ohio winter, meeting up beforehand with friends for dinner in the Columbus Arena District, posing like a rock star […]

Who’s Your Caddy?

I hope everyone had a blast at the first ever Date 2 Remember Reveal Party at the Hollywood Casino! Over 200 CYP CLUB members attended- a testament to how generous you all are when it comes to supporting this event. You guys are awesome. I hope you were able to meet some new friends, buy a ticket or […]



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