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Getting Social: That’s Just D2R Being D2R

It can be mind boggling when you think about all of the things A Date 2 Remember, the CYP CLUB’s annual social fundraiser, jam packs into one evening. You can work the red carpet at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, goof around while posing in the photo booth, sample free food from Columbus’ best restaurants, watch a […]

Joe Buerger, On-Stage Participant

Joe Buerger is a versatile kind of guy. His look is classic yet modern. He ballroom dances, volunteers for Capital Area Humane Society, and builds snowmen with his kids. In fact, the only thing that may be more all-purpose than Joe is the assortment of A Date 2 Remember experience packages he’s helping profile on […]

Crew Cypher, On-Stage Participant

He has the letters C-Y-P in his last name – but that isn’t why we chose Crew Cypher to profile an experience package onstage at #D2R14. There are more unique fun facts about Crew than just his name. He was a semifinalist for the TV show Big Brother, and even though he has never played […]

Emily Brindley, On-Stage Participant

As the Columbus marketing manager for Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Emily Brindley knows how to celebrate over drinks – and that’s exactly what A Date 2 Remember plans to do after raising money to benefit our community at #D2R14, thanks to your support. Let’s raise a toast to Emily, who will be on stage as a […]

Jessica Neal, On-Stage Participant

A Date 2 Remember loves to show off all Columbus has to offer. So it’s appropriate that Jessie Neal takes the #D2R14 stage to profile one of our many experience packages built from the local community. An Indiana native, Jessie recently made C-bus her new home after exploring small shops to hot spots to uncover […]

Brittany Sanlo, On-Stage Participant

Fitness fanatic Brittany Sanlo is tight and toned on the outside – but also rock solid on the inside, volunteering her time to tutor and mentor inner city athletes at HOPE Fitness Academy in Columbus. A cheerleader throughout her life, Brittany recently finished her first bodybuilding competition and chronicled her journey on social media for […]

Kimberly Jennings, On-Stage Participant

Kimberly Jennings is a woman of the world. She’s ventured to almost every U.S. state as well as Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece, Bahamas and Jamaica. When Kimberly is home in Ohio, she is hunkered down in service, volunteering for Susan G. Komen and Girls on the Run. She recently donated 9 inches of hair to […]

Ashley Martin, On-Stage Participant

During the #D2R14 Taste of Columbus Cocktail Hour, you can sample free food from the area’s best restaurants – a pre-show attraction that foodie Ashley Martin is sure to love. Originally from Alabama, Ashley loves baking in the kitchen and serving up some Southern Hospitality. She also keeps it healthy, training all week in her […]

Adam Laurer, On-Stage Participant

A Date 2 Remember loves the great outdoors – and so does Adam Laurer. An avid snowboarder for many years, Adam has tackled daunting slopes in New York, West Virginia, and Colorado. A first-time fashion show participant and event ambassador, Adam is helping to lead the charge uphill to raise money for charity. Make sure […]



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