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Denise Morgan, On-Stage Participant

You wouldn’t know from her D2R ’13 stage show in January that Denise Morgan was toughing out a torn ACL injury suffered in the weeks leading up to the event. Thankfully, the Title Boxing champ is off the canvas, healed up – and back on Feb. 22 to go another round on the #D2R14 stage […]

Chanel Crawford, On-Stage Participant

As a #D2R14 event ambassador, Chanel Crawford is music to our ears. When it’s time for business, Chanel is empowering community by mentoring ladies exiting Ohio Reformatory for Women. When it’s time for fun, she’s jammin’ to all kinds of tunes from rap to jazz to R&B to country. You get the best of both […]

Dustin Jolivette, On-Stage Participant

Jolli Jolivette runs 5Ks and obstacle mud dashes several times a year. He also likes to smoke cigars and drink bourbon. With such a unique persona and wide spectrum of interests, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Jolli will do on the #D2R14 stage Feb. 22. But don’t you want to find out?

Melissa Davis, On-Stage Participant

Melissa Davis is an all natural fit for #D2R14, blending beauty and elegance with a strong desire to impact community. A pure romantic who serves Columbus as a Kinder Key member, Melissa is sure to grace the stage during her Date 2 Remember fashion show and live auction debut Feb. 22.

Nina Fullerton, On-Stage Participant

A huge Ohio sports nut, Nina Marie Fullerton is ready to ball out in her first year as a D2R event ambassador. Nina loves the Buckeyes, the Blue Jackets, the Clippers, you name it – an easy choice to represent our event as we suit up to raise money for charity. So make sure to […]

Anthony Gady, On-Stage Participant

He’s “Slim Gady,” yes he’s the real Anthony Gady – and he’s making his A Date 2 Remember onstage debut at #D2R14. So won’t all of your thumbs please stand up – and show some love for this Columbus Crew account executive who promises to bring high energy to our 7th annual CYP CLUB charity […]

Micah Derry, On-Stage Participant

In his first year as a fashion show participant in 2013, Micah Derry literally leapt into the Date 2 Remember record books, taking flight as one of the best individual fundraisers – and most memorable onstage performers – in the event’s history. #D2R14 is thrilled that Micah is returning for an encore on Feb. 22 […]

Lisa Hunt, On-Stage Participant

Since A Date 2 Remember’s inception in 2007, Lisa Hunt has been a driving force behind the event, coaching fashion show participants behind the scenes to bolster fundraising efforts. For the first time, Lisa is going to be onstage herself as a fashion show ambassador at #D2R14 on Feb. 22 at Lifestyles Communities Pavilion. Thank […]



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