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Larry’s Auction Advice: Don’t Get Lost In The Moment!

We’ve talked a lot in our “Larry’s Auction Advice” series about the importance of preparation: Setting financial limits as to how much you will spend on a Date 2 Remember experience package, and prioritizing your top auction list targets. Financial planning ensures you don’t buy something you can’t afford. Prioritizing keeps your random urges in check […]

Larry’s Auction Advice: Prioritizing Your Wish List

When you go out shopping, it’s easy to play it by love at first sight. You might stumble into a sale or make an impulse buy, delightfully savoring the buzz of a fun purchase. But when the excitement wears off, how often do you pull that item out from under some pile in the closet […]

Larry’s Auction Advice: Setting the Budget

If you’re planning to throw your paddle in the mix for A Date 2 Remember experience packages this Saturday, expect the live auction at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion to get fast and furious. The package introductions lure you in as our dazzling bachelors and bachelorettes swoop around the stage as part of the concurrent fashion show, firing up […]

Gain The Upper Paddle at A Date 2 Remember

So you’ve heard all about A Date 2 Remember. You visited our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, checked out the bachelors and bachelorettes, and maybe attended a Reveal Party or two. And now you find yourself thinking, “I may actually want to go and bid on some of this stuff.” Like most everything in life, […]

My D2R, Look How You Keep Growing!

If you’ve been to A Date 2 Remember, you know that it’s a one of a kind event in Columbus. My D2R experience the last two years includes dressing up in the middle of frigid Central Ohio winter, meeting up beforehand with friends for dinner in the Columbus Arena District, posing like a rock star […]



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